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Dermatologist is a doctor whose competence includes diagnosis and treatment of skin, nail and hair diseases. This specialist studies the causes of a disease by prescribing a wide range of diagnostic examinations to the patient. The task of the dermatologist is not only to prescribe a treatment that will remove manifestations of the disease on the skin, nails or hair, but also to study the internal factors that caused the development of the disease.

Noticed specific symptoms? Sign up for a dermatologist ‘s consultation in Sumy!

It seems to you that a small pimple on the skin is a common phenomenon that will pass by itself. But then one pimple turns into a big skin rash. Or do you think that the congenital homeland is your highlight, so don’t hurry to visit a doctor? But any skin neoplasm, though in the form of spills, though in the form of nevus, though in the form of redness and peeling, is a significant reason why you need to visit a dermatologist. In Sumy you can sign up for a consultation at the private clinic “Eledia,” where you will be able to consult and do all necessary examinations to identify the causes of the disease.

It is worth contacting the dermatologist in such cases:

  • Appear on the skin regular spills (purulent, furuncles, acne);
  • You began to notice more nevus and warts on the body, or they changed their structure, outline, became more;
  • The skin is peeled and red;
  • Itching is present on the skin;
  • Inflamed areas appear on the body, which will be wet;
  • Fungus appeared on the legs;
  • The skin in head is dry, peeling, dandruff appears.

What diagnostic procedures can a dermatologist prescribe?

Depending on your complaints, the doctor will select a set of diagnostic measures. Treat them:

  • General blood test;
  • Ultrasound of abdominal organs;
  • Biochemical blood analysis;
  • dermatoloskopiya;
  • Smears, scrapes, etc.

Often a dermatologist in Sumy can refer you to a consultation with narrow-profile specialists: gastroenterologist, urologist, trichologist, endocrinologist. Sometimes the cause of skin diseases is disorders of LCT, unbalanced hormonal background, stress.

Skin is a mirror of your inner health. So don’t take the acne rash as something for granted and self-passing. Control the condition of your homeland, monitor hair and nail health. Sign up at Eledia Clinic for dermatological problems! And rest assured that you will receive a competent consultation of real professionals!

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