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Diseases of digestive tract bring many efforts to patients. The aching pain in hypochondrium, frustration, constant restrictions in food are signs with which it is necessary to address on consultation the gastroenterologist. The specialist will help to distinguish the feeling sick reasons, will appoint the correct diagnostics and also will pick up effective treatment.

What is the gastroenterologist engaged in?

Diagnostics, treatment and prevention of gastrointestinal diseases – a field of activity of the gastroenterologist. The doctor studies the reasons of appearance of this or that disease, appoints optimum treatment and selects preventive methods (a diet, physiotherapeutic procedures, sanatorium treatment). In Elediya clinic in Sumy you have an opportunity to register to the gastroenterologist in reception.

What diseases does the gastroenterologist treat?

Not always unpleasant feelings in an abdominal cavity belong to gastroenterological problems. At emergence of any complaints it is regarding health, it is the best of all to address the therapist at first. At suspicion of a disease of a GIT, the doctor will surely direct you to the gastroenterologist.

Treat basic diseases which the gastroenterologist in Sumy treats:

  • stomach diseases (gastritis, polyps, peptic ulcer, erosion);
  • pancreas diseases (pancreatitis);
  • intestines diseases (dysbacteriosis, duodenitis, colitis, enteritis and coloenteritis);
  • diseases of a gall bladder (cholecystitis, dyskinesia of bilious ways, stones in bilious channels);
  • spleen diseases.

All understand that in case of diagnostics of these diseases, it is necessary to be undertaken immediately medical measures.

Inspections in Elediya – fast and qualitative result!

In clinic of Elediya you have an opportunity not only to consult at the gastroenterologist, but also to undergo a number of obligatory inspections:

  • to make ultrasonography of an abdominal cavity;
  • to make gastroscopy in Sumy;
  • to make all necessary tests.

Advantages of inspections at us show competent doctor’s structure and own diagnostic laboratory. Our patients receive results of the inspections in short terms that allows to start treatment as soon as possible.

If you choose health, you choose Elediya!

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