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Many patients trust their health to osteooaths. With manual therapy you can get rid of problems with your back, joints, muscles and bones. But reaching out to an unverified specialist is the biggest mistake! The Eledia Clinic has a professional osteopath for you. Sumy can sign up for an appointment at Eledia Medical Center! Just a few sessions, and you’ll feel the vitality and energy coming back to you.

Who is an osteopath and what does he do?

Osteopath is a palpation specialist. He does an examination with his hands, feeling even small changes in the condition of joints, muscles, bones. Osteopath can tell you about problems and can carry out effective treatment of joints with hands.

The osteopath examination resembles a number of special tests.

You must follow certain instructions:

  • Tilt;
  • Bend, break joints;
  • Raise, lower hands, shoulders.

During these actions, osteopath evaluates degree of muscle tension, mobility of musculoskeletal system elements. The physician can then perform a slight pull himself over a certain area to evaluate the stretch. Another osteopath may be asked to do axial load tests and fascial tension tests. Diagnosis in osteopath is quite effective, and a number of comprehensive measures to eliminate unpleasant feelings bring excellent results!

What happens after diagnosis?

Osteopath start streating you. Yeah, that’s it right away. By acting with his hands on the points of your body the doctor is able to remove muscle spasm and tension, establish metabolism, adjust the operation of the lymphatic system and blood circulation, assist in case of displacement of bone structures and organs.

Who can come to the osteopath consultation?

Osteopath consultation in Sumy is available to everyone. The doctor will diagnose your body and will be able to find obvious problems that affect well-being. Rather, sign up for Eledia to improve your condition and charge with new energy!

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