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A children’s dermatologist is a doctor who is engaged in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of skin diseases, hair and nail diseases of children. This doctor is approached both in case of suspicion of deprivation and in case the teenager was overcome by an acne rash and in case the infant is suspected of atopic dermatitis. The doctor tries to identify the causes of the disease by prescribing a number of diagnostic procedures. Treatment is usually complex, and it includes not only the help of a dermatologist, but also the help of other related specialists: gastroenterologist, allergologist, endocrinologist, etc.

What symptoms should you contact a child dermatologist in Sumy?

Contact a specialist if these symptoms are detected:

  • rash on limbs, on the face, on the torso;
  • purulent on the skin;
  • cracks or spots that are peeled;
  • itching that keeps the child awake;
  • pimples or crusts in the scalp;
  • dandruff;
  • detachment of nails on arms or legs;
  • herpes, which manifests itself too often;
  • acne rash;
  • changes in the color and size of the nevus.

How to sign up for a children’s dermatologist for an appointment in Sumy and what is needed to discuss with a specialist?

To register for a consultation with a children’s dermatologist, it is enough to call the register of the medical center “Eledia.” You don’t need a referral from a pediatrician or other professionals!

Our child dermatologist will help you determine the cause of unpleasant symptoms:

  • will examine the child;
  • assign diagnostic procedures;
  • will appoint treatment.

If you need a baby dermatologist in Sumy, don’t waste your time! Rather sign up for an appointment at the Eledia Clinic to quickly understand the disturbing manifestations of skin diseases that poison your baby’s life!

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