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A children’s gastroenterologist is a specialist who is engaged in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of gastrointestinal diseases in children before their 18th birthday. The doctor treats the same diseases as adults, but works only with children. It can be wrongly assumed that diseases of abdominal organs are the fate of poor nutrition, but their appearance is influenced by many other factors: stress, allergy, ecology, sleep and rest disorders.

With which symptoms should you sign up your child for a consultation with a children’s gastroenterologist in Sumy?

A paediatrician may reffer your kid to a child gastroenterologist for consultation when specific symptoms are detected, especially in the case of infants. Children cannot yet tell their parents about complaints about their well-being, so all physiological conditions must be carefully monitored.

The pediatrician refers to the gastroenterologist in such cases:

  • the child has frequent jumps;
  • the baby does not add much weight;
  • gas generation is increased;
  • broken chair (very rare or too frequent chair);
  • the child has food intolerance of cow ‘s milk.

In such cases, a children’s gastroenterologist is needed. Sumy can call the register of the clinic “Eledia” and choose a convenient time at which it would be convenient to visit a specialist.

At an older age, when a child can already tell his parents about what hurts, a gastroenterologist can go with such symptoms:

  • The child complains of abdominal pain;
  • Appetite is reduced or vice versa too high, there is no sense of saturation;
  • Stool disorders (constipation, diarrhoea) occur;
  • The child does not gain weight well;
  • The baby complains of pain in the right or left sub-rib.

What diagnostic methods can be assigned to a child by a gastroenterologist?

To make the correct diagnosis, the doctor can prescribe a number of diagnostic methods:

  • ultrasound of abdominal organs;
  • stomach X-ray;
  • blood test for Helicobacter Pilory;
  • gastroscopy.

Naturally, it does not mean that your child will need these diagnostic methods. At the reception the gastroenterologist will ask in more detail about complaints, propalps the stomach, will study the outpatient map of the child. However, it is necessary to be ready to make a diagnosis correctly, it is not necessary to refuse diagnostic procedures!

The health of the gastrointestinal tract affects all other vital functions of the body. Doctor ‘s composition of “Eledia” clinic will help to understand the reasons of poor health of your child, cure the resulting disease

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