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It’s nice if a normal cold ends easily and without consequences but it is very bad when in residual phenomena after ARVI there is a prolonged cold, tinnitus, unpleasant pain in the throat, which for a long time suffer. Some people just wave their hand at it, thinking, “It will pass by itself!.” And it would be necessary to visit the consultation of the otolaryngologist (LOR). If the cold is not cured in a timely manner, gaimorite may occur, if the throat pain is ignored, chronic tonsillitis may occur, and ear pain may hint at otitis.

What diseases does otolaryngologist treat?

Typically, the otolaryngologist is treated in a direction from a therapist or pulmonologist. Otolaryngologist is a doctor who is engaged in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of ears, throat and nose. In addition to treating these diseases, the doctor is also involved in treating injuries and extracting foreign objects from the ears, nose or throat.

In the competence of the otolaryngologist – treatment of such organs:

  • Haymore sinuses;
  • Frontal sinuses;
  • Maxillary sinuses;
  • Tonsils;
  • Ears;
  • Bronchi.

It is important to understand that what at first glance seems to be a common cold may be purulent haymorite. And simple throat pain, which is easy to lose, often turns into chronic tonsillitis.

In addition to these diseases, LOR also deals with the treatment of:

  • Rhinitis (cold of non-heavy shape);
  • Otitis;
  • Pharyngitis;
  • Nasal cavity polyps;
  • Removal of sulphur plugs.

When should I seek the help of an otolaryngologist?

If you have a cold, and in residual phenomena you have a cold and unpleasant feelings in your throat or ears – it is an excuse to sign up for a consultation with otolaryngologist. In Sumy you have the opportunity to visit the clinic “Eledia.” Call the register and sign up for an appointment with an otolaryngologist. The doctor will do a comprehensive examination, during which he diagnoses all the problems. Do not delay your visit to the doctor! Timely diagnosis helps to avoid many problems!

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