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All the joy of life pales when the child gets ill. And if it is seasonal ARVI, which the baby faces several times a year, it is experienced by the family calmly. But if a child fails to get out of one disease, and immediately falls ill with another, all life resembles torture! Pediatricians spread their hands, all other doctors are desperate to look for the cause of recurrent diseases, sanatorium treatment and climate change do not give any results… So what are you waiting for? You need to sign up for a consultation of a children’s immunologist soon!

What does an immunologist do?

A children’s immunologist is a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of immune diseases in children. His help is used when the pediatrician cannot determine the cause of frequent diseases and even highly qualificated specialists cannot give an accurate answer why one or another child’s disease cannot be treated.

The consultation of a children’s immunologist in Sumy will help parents understand what is happening to their child. The doctor will prescribe a range of diagnostic methods that will help to understand the causes of ill-health.

What symptoms should lead you to take your kid to an immunologist in Sumy?

What symptoms should alert parents? How do you know your baby needs an immunologist?

You should see a doctor if you notice:

  • That the child often has a temperature rise for no reason and is kept for several days;
  • That the baby is constantly sluggish, does not want to play, has a weak appetite;
  • That the child has spills on the skin, which are itched and combed by the baby;
  • Herpes, the manifestations of which appear at the slightest cold;
  • Tonsillitis, which for a long time does not pass even after treatment in LOR;
  • Permanent stool disorders, complaints of gastrointestinal pain;
  • Respiratory and cold diseases, from which it is difficult for the child to get out;
  • Significant deviations from the standard of general blood analysis, etc.

Of course, these are not all symptoms that can signal the need to consult an immunologist, but most of them. In the clinic “Eledia” in Sumy for you there is a child immunologist who will be able to understand the problem of frequent diseases of your baby. The huge advantage of our medical center is the opportunity to pass all the necessary tests on 1 day! And also get results quickly!
Visiting with the child clinic “Eledia” first of all is comfortable! You will be able to understand the issues that concern you without queues and unnecessary nerves . Don ‘t waste time, just call and sign up right now!

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