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The immune system is our natural barrier that protects the body from many diseases. But it often fails. A person constantly treats some disease, which occurs again and again. And instead of figuring out the reasons, people often treat the symptoms. Immunologist consultation is in many cases able to shed light on frequently recurring diseases.

Who is an immunologist, and when should he be approached?

An immunologist is a doctor who studies the state of immunity of a patient, proposes a number of comprehensive measures to strengthen it, seeks ways to treat the focus of pathological conditions.

The reasons why you should turn to an immunologist are:

  • Frequent colds, ARVI, respiratory tract diseases;
  • Persistent exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • Elevated temperature from 37 degrees, which holds for several weeks;
  • Infectious-inflammatory diseases, which are in chronic stage;
  • Immune disorders in oncology.

Naturally, it is impossible to determine a number of diseases without a comprehensive examination. The immunologist will prescribe you a number of diagnostic measures: ultrasound, tomography, blood tests.

Where to find a good immunologist in Sumy? In Eledia!

If you have the above symptoms, it will not be unnecessary to sign up for an immunologist ‘s consultation. The specialist will help to understand the causes of recurrent diseases, study their specifics. The immunologist will prescribe the necessary diagnostic methods, which will study a detailed picture of your health.

Treating every month with ARVI is no way out! The way out is to find the cause of frequent colds. Sign up for an immunologist ‘s consultation in Sumy to understand the reasons for your ill health. “Eledia” is your loyal assistant in the fight against various diseases!

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