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Is the birthmark a harmless highlight in appearance or a potential danger? Many people don`t even think that congenital or body-induced formations can be both absolutely safe and lead to melanoma. That is why it is important to control the size and shape of your nevuses.

Dermatoscopy is one of the best ways to regularly control skin neoplasms. Simplicity, accessibility and painlessness are distinctive features of the procedure.

What is Dermatoscopy?

Dermatoscopy is an examination that is carried out using a medical instrument called a “dermatoscope.” In fact, thanks to it got its name. This diagnostic method allows to examine nevuses for their danger to the human body.

How does the procedure take place?

Inspection is carried out by the dermatologist. At the reception, the patient shows him his birthmarks, and the doctor, thanks to the dermatoscope, carefully studies their characteristics. The device allows to increase the image by 10 times and to consider the shape of the nevus, its color, size, edges, changes in structure and potential danger. The purpose of dermatoscopy is to detect melanoma at the initial stage and prevent its development.

After the examination, the doctor assesses each characteristic of the neoplasm and makes his conclusion. If the the nevus turned out to be dangerous, the dermatologist will tell the patient about further actions. It can be the delivery of certain tests and the consultation of the oncologist, followed by the removal of the birthmark.

Who needs to do dermatoscopy in Sumy?

Dermatoscopy is an absolutely harmless and painless procedure. All doctors recommend making it to every person once a year. However, the high-risk group includes people who have a large number of birthmarks of different shapes, colors and sizes on their bodies. It is important to remember that timely diagnosis of melanoma at an early stage avoids the development of the disease.

How much is dermatoscopy worth in Sumy?

The price of the procedure is available to everyone. At the Eledia Clinic, you have the opportunity to sign up for an examination. Our doctors will dispel all your doubts about health, and in case of problems – will give a detailed algorithm of further actions! To do dermatoscopy is to protect yourself from the terrible consequences that may haunt you in the future!

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