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Vision is a vital function of the body without which it is simply impossible to fully enjoy life. That is why the health of the organs of vision should be monitored from the very childhood, and if alarming symptoms are detected – consult a doctor. A child oculist is a doctor who diagnoses vision diseases, prescribes treatment and is engaged in the prevention of existing diseases.

How often should youur child visit a children’s oculist in Sumy?

Usually the children’s oculist is referred by a pediatrician if the last one noticed alarming symptoms.

But parents themselves and their child can turn to an ophthalmologist without referral if:

  • It was noticed that the baby’s eyes are released by the bony, mucus;
  • Baby flakes eyes;
  • The child says that he/she does not see well;
  • The baby complains that he/she has a headache;
  • A child of infant age does not follow the objects that her mother shows him from a distance of 15-20 cm.

What diseases does a children’s oculist treat?

The children’s ophthalmologist in Sumy is engaged in the treatment of all diseases and congenital pathologies of vision in children, among whom:

  • dakriotsistit;
  • glaucoma;
  • retinal and iris diseases, etc.

At the reception, the children ‘s oculist comprehensively checks the child’s vision. According to the results of the examination, the doctor makes conclusions about the baby ‘s health and takes the necessary measures. It is possible to assign diagnostic methods, among them: measurement of intraocular pressure, ultrasound of the eye, diafanoscopy, etc.

How to sign up for a baby oculist in Sumy?

It is easier to sign up for a consultation with a children ‘s ophthalmologist! Call the register at Eledia Medical Center to examine your baby. Taking care of your child ‘s health is the best investment in the happy future of your child!

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