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Endocrinologist is engaged in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of human’s endocrine system. All hormonal disorders, thyroid diseases, unbalanced metabolism, sexual dysfunction – all these problems help to understand endocrinologist. In Sumy you have got the opportunity to sign up for a consultation with this specialist at Eledia Medical Center, as well as to do a number of necessary examinations.

With which symptoms should you sign up for an endocrinologist’s consultation in Sumy?

The following are considered alarming symptoms that should be addressed to an endocrinologist:

  • weakness, apathy, sleep disorders;
  • tremor of hands or legs;
  • menstrual cycle failures;
  • abundant or long-term menstruation;
  • heart rate disorders;
  • increase in perspiration;
  • sharp decrease or excessive weight gain without obvious reasons;
  • deterioration of skin, hair, nails;
  • problems with conception.

All these symptoms indicate that you need the advice of an endocrinologist. The doctor will be able to examine all your complaints and prescribe a number of diagnostic measures to prescribe the correct treatment.

What diseases do endocrinologist treat and what methods do they use to diagnose these diseases?

The diagnosis of endocrine diseases involves a number of such measures:

  • thyroid ultrasound in Sumy;
  • blood test for hormones;
  • blood test for sugar;
  • general blood test, etc.

The patient receives a more detailed list of examinations for consultation with a specialist.

In the spectrum of diseases treated by endocrinologist:

  • diabetes;
  • endemic craw;
  • tireoidit;
  • obesity;
  • infertility;
  • osteoporosis, etc.

In the clinic “Eledia” there are real professionals who will be able to prescribe the necessary diagnostic measures and develop a plan for comprehensive treatment of diseases. Our medical center also has its own laboratory, where you will be able to give blood for hormones in Sumy and all necessary tests, having received the results of the study as soon as possible.

The hormonal background of our body is the key to the correct functioning of all organs and systems. In case of the first alarm signals, sign up for consultation with endocrinologist! Eledia Clinic will be your loyal companion in the diagnosis and treatment of all diseases!

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