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Protect the health of their children by protecting them from dangerous diseases is a duty of each parent. Fortunately, today is an opportunity to vaccinate the child. To vaccinate is to keep the baby from contracting infectious diseases, or at least reducing symptoms manifestations of diseases. Vaccine helps to form in children’s body specific immunity against disease. It is necessary to understand that, by refusing vaccination, parents refuse to protect their child, exposing him to health hazards that can bring complications.

Five undeniable benefits of vaccination

1. Vaccination protects against dangerous infections even the smallest. When the baby suffers from bronchitis, the mother roots herself for that it could not protect the mole from such a complex disease. But just for a second, imagine your child getting sick whooping cough and diphtheria? About how hard these are flowing diseases, and you shouldn’t talk. And the consequences are better and not to read! Do you need to push the whole family for risks? Or it is better it is timely to vaccinate the kid?

2. Even if the child is sick, the disease will flow more easily. Yes, vaccination is not a guarantee of 100% success. Child may indeed get sick, but antibodies produced with vaccine, will neutralize pathogenic microorganisms. This will make it easier to carry the infection and will protect the child from complications.

3. Regular vaccination of the population contributes to the prevention ofepidemics.Recent measles outbreaks are a consequence of non-vaccination. It would seem that this disease has remained far in the past, but, as we see, it progresses. To protect the child – vaccinate it.

4. Timely vaccination in childhood prevents problems, which can occur in adulthood. Unless you vaccinate a child as a child against epidoparotitis and rubella, in case of infection in adulthood these diseases will be carried much harder. And if mumps, rubella or windfall will be infected by your daughter during pregnancy, there is a risk that the baby will be born with severe congenital malformations.

5. Regular Mantu samples reveal infection tuberculosis in the early stages and prevent its development.

Which vaccinations should a baby have in Sumy?

Vaccinations against such diseases are mandatory for the child:

  • hepatitis B;
  • whooping cough, diphtheria, tetanus (AKDS);
  • poliomyelitis;
  • measles, rubella, parotitis (PDA);
  • tuberculosis (BTsZh, BTsZh-M);
  • hemophilic infection (HIB).

In addition, the child can be vaccinated against influenza if desired, chicken poxes. If the child has contraindications to vaccinations then pediatrician advises parents to stick to vaccination calendar and do all inoculations in due time. Before the vaccine, it is necessary to undergo examination at pediatrician, as well as give a general blood test to the child and urine.

What vaccines are vaccinated at the Eledia Clinic in Sumy?

Vaccination is carried out at our medical center  Certified European vaccines that are good proven themselves through numerous studies.

In particular, you have there an opportunity:

  • to do vaccination to AKDS the vaccine “Infanriks – IPV”
  • Tetraksim in Sumy;
  • to do vaccination of AKDS “Infanriks-Geksa” (Geksaksim),
  • Belgium;
  • to do vaccination to ADS (tetanus, diphtheria, whooping cough) vaccine”Boostrix”;
  • to do vaccination against poliomyelitis in Sumy vaccine to “ImovaksPolio”, etc.

Information on the availability of vaccines you will always be able to clarify by telephone at the register of the Eledia Clinic.

How do I prepare a child for vaccination?

Often mothers are afraid of complications after vaccination. It isn`t worth to worry it if you choose a certified vaccine and comply with some rules before vaccination.

These rules are easy to remember:

  • try to save before estimated date of vaccination your child from infection with respiratory infections. For this purpose don`t visit places of large accumulation of people, children’s rooms, make sure the baby doesn ‘t supercooling;
  • before vaccination it is necessary to make the general blood and urine test to make sure that there isn`t happening in the child ‘s bodyinflammatory processes;
  • in day of an inoculation it is important to visit the pediatrician who will confirm,

That everything was fine with the child at the time of vaccination. These simple rules will help to protect the baby from possible complications.

How is the vaccination at the Eledia Clinic in Sumy?

After specifying by phone in the register the presence of the vaccine, you come with the baby for the prescribed time to the pediatrician. The doctor examines the child, gets acquainted with the results of the tests, and if there are no health problemsdetected? The vaccination is allowed. The nurse then gets vaccinatedto the kid.

Thought-out little things during the procedure, avoids adverse effects. The Eledia Clinic takes care to vaccination had no consequences, so only the checked European vaccines. And medical staff, in turn, provides an attention maximum.

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