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Illness is a condition that can take us by surprise. Of course same, we run to the doctor with the desire to cure rather, but sometimes oral taking medication is not enough. Some people need a course of intramuscular injections is prescribed, but someone needs intravenous administration of drugs, and someone needs drips at all. Naturally, it is impossible to carry out all manipulations at home. And here appears 2 solutions: falling out of life for a couple of weeks, choosing for yourself hospital treatment or making all necessary manipulations in clinic. In Sumy you are always welcomein  the medical center Elediya.

Intravenous injections in Sumy

Intravenous injections allow the medcine administered to the body assimilate quickly and efficiently. After the injection gets through the vein it immediately enters the patient ‘s bloodstream and is spread across all organs and to systems. This makes it possible to cure more quickly. However, for administration of the preparation special medical education is necessary intravenously, because manipulation is quite difficult. In the clinic “Eledia” you will be helped to injection in a vein. Sumy can clarify all the necessary information by phone into registry of our clinic.

Intramuscular injections in Sumy

Intramuscular administration of the medcine allows the medcine to be absorbed much faster than if the patient had taken the medication orally. Seldom when the patient has contraindications that would not allow forprick intra muscularly. In addition, this is how you can enter not only aqueous drug solutions, but also suspensions and oily solutions. If you have been assigned an intramuscular injection course, please contact Elediya clinic. Our attentive staff can help you!

Subcutaneous injections in Sumy

Subcutaneous injections are carried more easily than intramuscular and intravenous. That is why they are most often used in treatment practices for elderly patients and children. And at least the medcine introduced under the skin is absorbed slightly slower than administered intramuscularly or intravenously, all equal effect patient gets more than from taking medicament orally. Subcutaneous injections are also used if the patient cannot for some reason take the medication orally: nausea, vomiting, general severe condition, esophageal diseases.

Installation of system for intravenous drop manipulations

If you need a drip, you ‘ll definitely need nurse’s help. Most often the course of drips is assigned in cases of treatment and prevention of many diseases. This method allows for faster come to recovery and feed the body with the necessary trace elements. You will be able to put an drip in Sumy at the Eledia Clinic. Reach out to us and leave behind all your illnesses!

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