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We do a lot of business every day, rush to achieve new goals, spend days and months in motion… But we forget to take care of our joints. Nothing seems to ruin our plans or overshadow carefree existence, but joint pain shows us how important is it to be examined in a timely manner.

What diseases are treated by an orthopedic traumatologist?

Orthopedic traumatologist in Sumy is engaged in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of orthopedic diseases. The specialist works with muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones and joints. People with complaints about orthopedic problems in the body or various injuries come to the consultation of orthopaedic traumatologist. Any painful feeling in the back, shoulders, feet or knee joints is an excuse to seek the help of a doctor.

Orthopaedic diseases require careful diagnosis, comprehensive treatment and prevention. Orthopedic traumatologist is engaged in treatment of such diseases and injuries:

  • Congenital orthopedic diseases;
  • Complications after infectious diseases;
  • Consequences of exchange process violations;
  • Consequences of operations.

Of course, not every person knows that he has ortopedic problems. But certain symptoms should alert everyone. Such symptoms include:

  • Bent posture;
  • Joint pain;
  • Joint inflammation, which is characterized by swelling and red;
  • Crunching in knee joints, back, forearm;
  • Splits of joints to change weather;
  • Joint injuries (cracks, fractures, dislocations, stretches, bruises).

Consultation of orthopedic traumatologist in “Eledia”

Orthopedic traumatologist at Eledia Clinic will take into account all your complaints when making a diagnosis, as well as prescribe a number of necessary examinations: ultrasound of joints, tests, tomography or X-rays. Affordable prices, a professional approach to the treatment of orthopaedic diseases, high-quality diagnostics – all this deserves the trust of our clients! Come to a consultation with an orthopaedic traumatologist at Eledia and you will appreciate all our advantages!

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