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There are diseases that are not common to talk about out loud. There are diseases that make people get shy. They poison the lives of many people. They are sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). At present time, with a huge number of private clinics, people are still shy about seeking medical attention, pulling the moment a doctor visits to the last. And at this time the disease progresses, acquiring the most unpleasant forms…

Who’s a venereologist? What symptoms do you see this doctor with?

Venereologist is a doctor who treats sexually transmitted diseases. This specialist also understands other sections of medicine, in particular urology, dermatology, sexology and gynaecology. Patients do not always turn to the doctor directly, because many diseases are asymptomatic. Often the specialist comes in a direction from a urologist or gynecologist. However, if there are clear symptoms, it is better to seek immediate help from a venereologist.

Dangerous symptoms include:

  • secretion from the genitals;
  • redness, swelling, itching in the area of genitalia;
  • burning,
  • increased or painful inguinal lymph nodes.

Of course, the symptoms described are not always referred to as sexually transmitted diseases. But if you realize that you had unprotected contacts with a new partner, and after that there was a strange feeling – the best decision to go for an examination, which will be carried out by a venereologist. Sumy can seek help from Eledia Clinic. We can take all the necessary STD tests and get the result quickly!
It is worth noting that all examinations you will be able to do anonymously.

What diseases are treated by a venereologist?

All venereal diseases can be divided into classical venereal and into urogenital diseases.

Classic STDs include:

  • gonorrhea;
  • syphilis;
  • venereal lymphogranuloma;
  • donovanosis.

Urogenital should include:

  • chlamydia;
  • HPV (human papillomavirus);
  • AIDS;
  • herpes genital.

All these diseases are diagnosed and curable (except AIDS). But there is one condition – diagnostics should be timely and qualitative. You have to give blood, as well as all the necessary scrapes and smears. This should not be neglected, because the first results of treatment depend on the quality of diagnosis.

The best diagnosis and quality treatment of STDs in Sumy – in “Eledia”!

At the Eledia Clinic, you have the opportunity to undergo all the necessary tests, which will be prescribed by a venereologist. As soon as possible you will get results and will be able to start treatment. Don’t drag your examination back to tomorrow! The results can be irreversible!

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