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Oncologist is a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Oncological diseases are malignant tumors (cancer). What ‘s cancer? It is a conditional name for neoplasms that may appear due to a number of unknown causes on any organ or body part in the human body.

In what cases do you turn to an oncologist?

Oncologist is a doctor who is usually referred to by related specialists: gastroenterologists, gynecologists, urologists, therapists. Usually, after a number of diagnostic procedures and analyses, in case of detection of alarming indicators, experts recommend to sign up for consultation with an oncologist. In Sumy for you there is a medical center “Eledia,” where you will be able to visit doctors of different specializations and pass tests for oncomarkers.

The main reasons why the patient is referred to an oncologist are such as:

  • During examination in the abdominal cavity, small pelvis, mammary glands during palpation, seals are found;
  • The patient has signs of internal bleeding: blood in feces, urine;
  • A person sharply loses weight without changing his way of life, without playing sports, without using diets;
  • Rodents change, strange warts appear, neoplasms appear on the skin;
  • Without symptoms, body temperature and the like increases.

Preventive visits to oncologist

You can visit an oncologist without sending related specialists in such situations:

  • You are over 40 years old (if you are a woman), and over 45 years old (if you are a man). An oncologist should be visited once a year for preventive examination;
  • You had a course of treatment for cancer, so the oncologist should be approached every six months;
  • You have chronic diseases such as: intestinal polyposis, mastopathy, cirrhosis of the liver, so it is necessary to contact a specialist at least once every six months;
  • Your relatives had cancer;
  • You abuse smoking;
  • You work in enterprises that pose risks to your health.

Need an oncologist? Sumy goes to Eledia!

Just call the register of Eledia Medical Center and sign up for a consultation with a specialist. Our doctors will examine all your complaints and find the right way to solve the health problems. Thanks to your own laboratory, you can pass tests in Sumy and get the result on the same day! After all, the sooner the doctor finds the cause of the disease, the faster you can start treatment!

Eledia Clinic: we will do everything possible to preserve your health!

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