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Fortunately, not all people need the advice of a pulmonologist. This specialist is approached if pathological conditions are found in the respiratory system of the body: lung inflammation, pleuritis, asthma, chronic or obstructive bronchitis. It is usually directed to the pulmonologist by a therapist or related specialists when some disease of the respiratory system cannot be treated normally and requires deeper attention.

What is the pulmonologist engaged in?

A pulmonologist is a doctor whose competence spectrum includes treatment of pathological conditions of the respiratory tract (upper, lower and pleura). The doctor looks for the causes of diseases and considers effective ways of treating diseases: medicament outpatient treatment, hospital treatment, physiotherapeutic procedures.

Typically, the pulmonologist is referred after the patient has performed chest X-rays. If a pathological condition is detected, the patient is recommended to visit a specialist.

Pulmonologue is engaged in treatment of such diseases:

  • chronic bronchitis;
  • obstructive bronchitis;
  • pneumonia (lung inflammation);
  • alveolit;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • pleurisy;
  • mucoviscidosis;
  • pheumothorax.

As you can see, diseases are narrow. But if you had in the therapist ‘s office suspicion of one of them – immediately contact the pulmonologist! The doctor will prescribe a number of comprehensive diagnostic measures that will allow to determine the full severity of the condition as soon as possible and to take measures. For example, you may need to pass a blood test or do a repeat X-ray.

Where can I find a good pulmonologist?

Finding a good pulmonologist in Sumy is a whole problem! You may face huge queues and recording for a month ahead at public clinics, while your condition may require urgent action regarding treatment. Private clinic “Eledia” offers to sign up for a consultation with an experienced pulmonologist who will be able to provide you with timely assistance! Call the register and make an appointment! Diseases don’t wait!

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