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The pediatrician is a “children’s” doctor who is a doctor of primary link. He is approached in case of respiratory diseases and any other complaints concerning childhood well-being like a therapist. The specialist not only prescribes treatment, which will help to get rid of childhood disease, but also prescribes diagnostic procedures, sends to related specialists, controls the norms of development of babies up to one year.

What is the responsibility of the pediatrician?

  • survey of the child;
  • study of its development norms;
  • timely detection of pathological conditions of children ‘s organism;
  • pre-vaccination examination;
  • issue of directions for diagnostic procedures (ultrasound, X-rays, ECG);
  • issue of referrals for laboratory and instrumental studies (scraps, blood, urine, feces tests);
  • issuing certificates for visiting the pool, etc.

How is the paediatrician ‘s consultation in Sumy?

At the reception, a pediatrician usually asks parents a number of questions that should be answered honestly. The doctor then proceeds to examine the child. If it is a baby before a year, monthly pediatrician takes measurements of his height and weight. He feels his tummy, listens to his heart, looks his throat if there is such a need.

If the pediatrician is approached by an older child, the doctor examines the complaints and finds the reasons why the complaint arose. The pediatrician can listen to the lungs, give the child a thermometer to measure temperature, look at the throat, measure pressure, etc.
After collecting complaints, a picture of the disease, the doctor prescribes either treatment or a number of diagnostic procedures (everything depends on the purpose of the visit).

How often do you need to visit a pediatrician?

For babies up to a year, a pediatrician should be examined once a month. Thus, the pediatrician has the opportunity to track all changes and take timely action in case of detection of pathological conditions.

After a year, the examination of the pediatrician ceases to be regular. The doctor should be consulted only if necessary: ill-health, forthcoming vaccination, reference to the pool/kindergarten/children’s camp.

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