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A surgeon is a specialist who is engaged in treatment of injuries and diseases by the method of operative intervention in the human body. In addition, the surgeon in Sumy is engaged in the prevention of recurrent diseases, monitors the condition of the patient after operations, decides what to do with complications that may arise after surgery.

At the outpatient reception in the polyclinic, the surgeon is engaged in examinations of patients who address him with various complaints, prescribe diagnostics, sends to related doctors.

Which complaints should lead you to the surgeon?

Symptoms that require the surgeon’s attention are:

  • Acute pain that localizes in the abdomen;
  • Back and joint pain (knees, hip joints, spine);
  • the growing nail;
  • Problems with urination (cut, acute pain);
  • Soft tissue swelling;
  • Redness of soft tissues;
  • Painful large furuncles;
  • Changes in the size of the scrotum in men (asymmetry, an increase of one half).

What diseases does the surgeon treat?

The surgeon accompanies the patient at the stage of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases.

In particular, he works with such diseases:

  • Various injuries;
  • Inflammatory diseases that affect external soft tissues and internal organs;
  • Parasitic diseases that require the intervention of a surgeon;
  • Skin area measurement;
  • Hernias (umbilical, inguinal, vertebrate), etc.

When to seek the help of a surgeon in Sumy?

No referral is required to contact the surgeon. You can sign up for a doctor as soon as you suspect something wrong in your well-being, feel obsessive acute pain, want to make sure that after the surgery there are no complications.

At the Eledia Clinic in Sumy, you have the opportunity to sign up for a consultation with a surgeon who will examine you, prescribe a number of diagnostic procedures and tests to comprehensively understand the problem.

Acute pain doesn ‘t come out of nowhere and go nowhere! Go to the surgeon ‘s appointment to get a quick look into your problem.

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