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A children’s surgeon is a primary-level doctor who is approached for help if your child has acute pain or there were some problems that may require surgery. The surgeon performs an examination of the child, assigns diagnostic procedures, sends to related specialists, or immediately assigns treatment if the situation is clear.

With which symptoms should you sign your baby up for a consultation of a children’s surgeon?

Once the parents have noticed the alarming symptoms of their baby’s health, it is necessary to sign it uptoasurgeon’s survey.

Anxiety symptoms include:

  • acute abdominal pain;
  • skin reddening;
  • forming of a furuncle;
  • problems with post-natal umbilical cord healing;
  • testicular overruns, signs of phimosis and cryptorchism in boys;
  • inflammatory processes in the scrotum in boys, etc.

What can a children’s surgeon do?

A children ‘s surgeon in Sumy can be useful in such cases:

  • if the child needs to open the furuncule;
  • your baby has a suspected hernia;
  • there is suspicion of acute appendicitis, adhesions in the intestine;
  • the foreign object must be removed;
  • there is a purulent inflammatory process for various reasons.

In any case, as soon as you are alert to the condition of your child – sign up for a consultation with a child surgeon. The doctor will carefully examine the baby, find reasons for ill health, prescribe a number of necessary tests and diagnostic procedures. Sign up for a consultation at the Eledia Clinic to quickly find out the causes of your baby’s bad health.

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