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A trichologist is a doctor who identifies the causes that contribute to hair loss. This specialist is engaged in diagnostics of the scalp, studies the structure of the patient ‘s hair, prescribes diagnostic measures and treatment that will help to stop hair loss or eliminate diseases of the scalp.

In what cases do you need the advice of a trichologist in Sumy?

For an appointment with a trichologist you need to sign up if you have noticed a number of specific symptoms:

  • partial baldness;
  • total baldness;
  • hair loss, which contributed significantly to the injury of the scalp;
  • sedine, which manifests itself at a young age;
  • dandruff;
  • suffer from dry scalp;
  • you observe in the hair cover different eczema, stains, redness.

It is not always possible to eliminate the problem of hair loss with cosmetic products. It is necessary to identify the internal cause of the external manifestation of the disease.

How the trichologist will help?

The specialist will help to identify the problem, give referrals for diagnostic examinations, perhaps send to related specialists if hair loss or baldness resulted from some more serious problems.

In addition, a trichologist in Sumy will help:

  • Find the right care for your hair and scalp;
  • Carry out preventive procedures;
  • Will help to stop hair loss after radiation therapy;
  • Advise on hardware treatment, injection therapy;
  • Will make an individual care program that will help restore your hair cover.

It always seems to us that skin, hair and nails are something worth paying attention to last. After all, treatment of joints, heart, and other organs is much more important. But we, without realizing it ourselves, ignore the cry of our body for help! Our appearance is the most important signifier of what happens inside. So once you’ve discovered your hair is falling out – rather sign up for a consultation with a trichologist. At the Eledia Clinic you will receive comprehensive answers to all questions that concern your health!

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