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Increased excitability, behavioural disorder, sleep disorders – all of that becomes a reason to visit a children’s neurologist. A children’s neurologist is a specialist who diagnoses, prescribes treatment and prevents diseases that are associated with functional disorders in the nervous system of children.

When do you need to turn to a children’s neuropathologist?

A child neurologist like a pediatrician deals with children’s health since their first days of life. It is common for children to suffer from birth injuries or to have neurological problems that have been formed in the womb. Routine examination of a child neurologist is carried out on the first year of life 4 times: at 3 months, at 6 months, at 9 monthsand at 1 year.

If the doctor is worried with something during the consultation, the doctor may ask to make ultrasound of the brain, ultrasound of hip joints, etc.

However, if there are any complaints that in your opinion, and the view of the pediatrician, need the attention of a neurologist, you can sign up for an unscheduled consultation without waiting for a scheduled examination.

It is necessary to sign up for a children’s neurologist in Sumy if:

  • The newborn has trouble falling asleep and sleeping;
  • Infants often jump;
  • You notice in the child a tremor chin, pens or legs;
  • The baby becomes on the fingers when walking, not completely on the foot;
  • The child has convulsions when body temperature increases;
  • In school the baby is very scattered, cannot focus;
  • The child has problems communicating with children of their own age;
  • The baby is seriously behind the school curriculum;
  • The child complains of headaches and fatigue.

How can I sign up for a children’s neurologist in Sumy?

Usually, a referral from a pediatrician is required for unscheduled consultation by this specialist. But the Eledia Clinic hosts a private children’s neurologist. Sums can sign up for counselling at any convenient time without the direction of a pediatrician. Just call the medical center register and sign up for a convenient time for you! The doctor will perform an examination of your baby, and if it is necessary, will prescribe all necessary diagnostic methods of examination.

It’s such a big happiness when your child is healthy! Take care of your kid health from early childhood and surround your kid with attention, barking and love because just in this way child’s state of health will not bring him problems in the future!

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