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Today, breasts` disease and pathology  arequite widespread phenomenon. Women often ignore small symptoms, constantly draw a visit to the mammologist, the ultrasound of the mammary glands is neglected. And later face with neoplasms that require rapid interventions. In order to protect yourself from trouble in the future, it is necessary to visit a mammologist at least once a year.

Who is a mammologist?

A mammologist is a doctor who is engaged in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of a breast. Sign up for consultation by mammologist can also without complaints to check the condition of mammary glands. However, women are most often referred to the specialist, whom doctors of related specialties (gynecologists, surgeons, therapists) are sent or women who have complaints.

Symptoms that require the attention of a mammologist:

  • pain in mammary glands;
  • specific consolidations which you did not feel earlier;
  • pain in axillary hollows and about them;
  • pain when feeding by a breast, consolidations, temperature, cracks on nipples.

What diseases are treated by a mammologist?

Mammologist in Sumy is engaged in diagnosis and treatment of such diseases:

  • cysts of mammary glands;
  • tumors of mammary glands (good-quality and malignant);
  • violations of hormonal balance in an organism which bring mastopathy, fibrous cystic disease;
  • congenital diseases of mammary glands;
  • diseases of inflammatory character, such as mastitis.

How often do you have to visit a mammologist?

Up to 30 years old it is not necessary to visit a mammologist often if you are disturbed with nothing. To visit a mammologist once a year will be quite enough. Of course, if you have found one of the symptoms – don`t waste time and register in consultation. On execution of 30 years of age, you will need to visit your mammologist constantly once a year. But it will be still important to make ultrasound of mammary glands in Sumy and mammography, too, at least once a year. For women who have mammary glands` diseases diagnosed it necessaryto visit a specialistone time for every six months.

A mammologist’s consultation in Sumy is available at the Eledia Clinic. Register for an appointment in the register of our medical center for a convenient for you time to take care of your female health! Take care, after all, neoplasms in the chest often appear and progress asymptomatically!

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