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Computer tomography (CT) is a modern diagnostic method that makes it possible to quickly and accurately diagnose, as well as to improve the quality of medical care. The examination is performed using X-ray radiation. But the difference from a conventional X-ray is that a person ‘s body is layer-by-layer transmitted by rays. The patient ‘s body is in a horizontal position, and the X-ray beam transmits it from different sides. Images from different angles are sent to the computer, and after that a complete picture of the health of the subject is obtained. The more pictures from the transverse sections of the body will make a tomograph, the more accurate the result will be.

At the Eledia Clinic in Sumy, computer tomography is done on Toshiba Aquilion Prime. The advantage of this apparatus is that it allows to obtain 160 sections in one turn! This speed and precision reduces the time per procedure, and therefore provides minimal X-ray radiation.

What are the advantages of tomography at Eledia Clinic?

First of all, it is necessary to note attention to the apparatus on which tomography is done. The price in Sumy for the survey is average, but the quality – at the highest level! The tomograph is one of the best, it is often used by clinics in Europe and America.

The obvious advantages of the set are:

  • excellent performance and design
  • simple and fast research
  • high system throughput
  • maximum patient comfort and quiet operation
  • minimum beam loading
  • the most accurate images

Toshiba Aquilion Prime Set System Description

Toshiba Aquilion TM PRIME is a 4D computed tomograph capable of performing dynamic volume studies with a low radiation dose. The examination allows to correctly establish the diagnosis in a matter of minutes, as well as to find a number of hidden problems. This was made possible by using an 80-row high resolution detector with a cut thickness of 0.5 mm and a coneXact reconstruction algorithm. The system provides 160 cuts per revolution. As a consequence it has increasing resolution to 310 microns, reducing study time, reducing contrast agent costs, and increasing diagnostic reliability.

If you need to do CT in Sumy, choose the survey on Aquilion TM PRIME. It has a unique ability to perform comprehensive research, including functional research, and reduces the need for multiple, duplicate tests and invasive procedures.

What are the features of Toshiba Aquilion TM PRIME?

160 computer tomograph has the most modern software, allowing to obtain images of any organs and systems, as well as the most optimal hardware part.

The system allows to provide:

  • Dynamic (non-random) high-resolution isophase multi-stage scanning;
  • When examining the whole body, we perform spiral scanning in 160 mode;
  • High-quality heart and coronary vascular studies;
  • Evaluation of cardiac morphology and functional parameters (myocardial contraction) with real-time color mapping in three-dimensional mode;
  • Subtractions of functional and morphological data with (3D ­ CTDSA).

Constructive advantages

Aquilion TM PRIME uses design innovations that improve the scanning process for patients and improve usability and security for operators. The system adapts the simplicity and convenience of patient positioning. The wide – 78-cm gentry hole and 47-cm wide table provide even large-shape patients with comfort and peace of mind during scans. This design also provides excellent patient access to doctors during intervention procedures.

How can I do a tomography in Sumy?

In order to sign up for a tomography in Sumy, no special directions are needed. Just call the register of the Eledia Clinic and sign up for a convenient time for you! If you have long been concerned about the manifestation of unsafe symptoms in your body, don ‘t slow! Take care of your health today.

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