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If all the ARVI and colds had passed without a trace, there would never have been queuesto the otolaryngologist. But in practice in almost 80% of cases harmless respiratory disease flows into gaimorite, otitis or pharyngitis. These conditions already require more responsible treatment, and prescribes this treatment by a child otolaryngologist.
A child otolaryngologistis a specialist who diagnoses diseases of the ears, nose and throat, prescribes treatment and prevention. The doctor controls these verity of the disease, can prescribe not only medicines, but also physiotherapeutic procedures, which help to come to recovery faster.

With what symptoms should the child besigned up to an otolaryngologist in Sumy?

Children’s LOR can take you even with minimal signs of cold. He will do an otolaryngic examination, check whether the child has inflammation of the ears, whet here very thing is fine with tonsils and adenoids.

But special attention is required by the alarming symptoms with which you must sign up for a consultation with a children ‘s otolaryngologist:

• Long cold, which do not pass more than a week or two after recovery from ARVI;
• Permanent nose congestion;
• Complaints of rapid fatigue;
• Nose bleeding, which is regular;
• Complaints about pain in the fore head area, lateral nasal sinuses;
• Complaints of tinnitus;
• Complaints of swallowing pain;
• Purulent on tonsils, etc.

Do you need a referral from a pediatrician to consult a pediatric otolaryngologistin Sumy?

Don’t ignore the advice of a pediatrician when the doctor advises you to visit otolaryngologist. But also wait for a written referral to the otolaryngology ist from the pediatrician, if you seet he above symptoms, it is not worth! Call the Eledia Clinic and sign up for counseling without a referral from the pediatrician. Sumy can visit our clinic with their baby without queues to sort out unpleasant manifestations of anxiety symptoms.
The Eledia Clinic takes care of your healt hand the health of your babies. Hurry to call and take a convenient time to visit your doctor!

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