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A psychotherapist is a doctor who is engaged in diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders of a person, without using in treatment of medicines. A therapist is not a psychiatrist or a psychologist. It is a doctor with a higher medical education who helps a person to understand the problem (depressive condition, fears that limit attitudes and beliefs).

What are the problems with a psychotherapist?

In our mentality, it is still not common to seek the help of a therapist. People mistakenly believe that a therapist is a psychiatrist. The solution to some problem seems vague. Patients think they will be assigned a whole list of strong medicines. But in fact, no medication is prescribed by a therapist. Sums can seek help from Eledia Medical Center, and make sure that counselling a therapist is no more than a pleasant conversation, after which you feel mental ease and rise.

For an appointment with a therapist you can sign up with various problems, but the most popular reasons to contact a specialist are the following:

  • depression, including postnatal depression;
  • phobias and fears that interfere with everyday life;
  • stress after surgery, chemotherapy, etc.;
  • anorexia or bulimia;
  • increased conflict that prevents healthy relationships with partners, friends and colleagues;
  • problems of family relations;
  • crises of age (adolescence, midlife crisis, etc.);
  • various dependencies that you want to get rid of (smoking, alcohol, drugs), etc.

The psychotherapist is able to identify the causes of this condition and help to understand the person about his problems, using different techniques of influence on his psyche:

  • hypnosis;
  • art therapy;
  • geshtald therapy, etc.

Where to find a good therapist in Sumy?

Anyone who has faced a psychological problem wants to turn to a really competent specialist who could help. At the Eledia Clinic, we have a therapist who can solve any problem. Turning to us, rest assured that the session will help you to understand the fear, situation or depression that has poisoned your life for so long.

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