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Diseases of otolaryngologist organs (ear, throat, nose) can poison any person’s life. A simple cold can turn out to be a haymorite, perching in throat is pharyngitis, and acute ear pain is otitis. All this requires not only careful attention of the otolaryngologist, but also complex treatment. Sometimes simple drugs are few and are becoming necessary LOR-procedures.

What is “Otolaryngologist procedures”?

Otolaryngologist procedures are a serie of manipulations that are used in treatment otolaringological diseases. These procedures do not require accommodation patient in hospital and are held in outpatient order, sometimes under local anesthesia.

What otolaryngologist procedures can you do at the Eledia Clinic in Sumy?

  • Cryodestruction of palatal tonsils
  • Cryodestruction of sky tonsils in Sumy is one of the
  • Effective ways to combat chronic tonsillitis and pharyngitis.

What is the principle of this procedure? When exposed to liquid nitrogen on pathological scar tissues that form on the side walls throats (in paltry tonsils). Not only is the inflammatory happening the process in sky tonsils brings a lot of inconvenience, so it also affects on the health of other organs and systems. Cryodestruction is an effective method in control of chronic tonsillitis.

The procedure takes place without anesthesia, as severe pain the patient does not experience sensations during the course of it. Special nozzle doctor affects the paltry tonsils by “freezing” it with liquid nitrogen. Cryodestruction usually occurs in several steps, and for maximum effect requires multiple procedures.

Cryodestruction of the lower nasal sinks

Cryodestruction of lower nasal sinks in Sumy has the same principle, as well as cryodestruction of paltry tonsils. Thanks to low temperature that liquid nitrogen has, this intervention takes place.Hypertrophic nasal mucosa of lower sinkscollapses. Patients can then breathe freely again without using of vasoconstrictive drops. Those who made cryodestruction lower nasal sinks, note that the number of otolaryngologist diseases it was considerably reduced.

Cryoirrigation of adenoides

Cryoranging adenoids in Sumy at the Eledia Clinic is a competent alternative to the removal of adenoids. In the normal adenoids perform a protective function, however, during frequent inflammatory nasopharyngeal diseases, adenoids acquire pathological state. Their size increases, making the breathing with nose difficult. Adenoids used to be completely removed, but is now available cryoirrigation method. Thanks to special nozzles, to the nose area liquid nitrogen is introduced, thus “freezing” the sprawling lymphoid tissue, which blurs the patient ‘s breathing.

Cryorangement of the posterior wall of the throat

Pharyngitis is a disease that has a lot of unpleasant symptoms: dry throat, pain when swallowing, throat cough, constant perching.The “place of development” of pharyngitis is the back wall of the throat. To get rid of from these symptoms, cryoforming of the back wall can be used drinks. Sumy goes to Eledia Clinic for help! Both adults, and children note the effect of this procedure.

CO2 – Laser ablation

Treatment of otolaryngic diseases by laser exposure – quite a popular technique in modern times. Chronic rhinitises, tonsillitis, nasal synechia, benign LOR-organs – all this can be cured by laser ablation.

Opening of a furuncle

Autopsy of the furuncule in the nose, the furuncule of the external auditory canal requires attention of experts. Do not think that with furuncule you can manage on your own, because you have no idea how subtle everything is interconnected in the nose or ear. Simply pushing out a pimple, you can to provoke a disease become serious. Therefore, if you have anfuruncul, contact Eledia Clinic for help. An autopsy is carried out by an experienced doctor a paratonsillary abscess in Sumy at the Eledia Clinic.

Washing of sulfuric traffic jams

A sulfur plug is a cluster of ear sulfur whose dimensions are external auditory canal is covered. For formation of sulphur plug many factors influence, but the fact remains alone – the person starts bad lyto hear. During the diagnosis, the otolaryngolog finds out that the auditory canal the sulfuric stopper blocks. To get rid of it – it is necessary cerumen removal. At the Eledia Clinic in Sumy you have anopportunity to have washing of sulfuric traffic jams.


Procedure “cuckoo” just washing of Highmore’s bosoms. This physiotherapeutic method is actively used in еreatment of gaimoritis and sinusitis. It is desirable to make a course of 5-6 procedures for obtaining of maximum effect.

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