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Each mother must closely monitor her daughter’s health, carefully monitoring all changes in her development. It is often the case that even newborn girls have hormonal failures, suspected by a pediatrician. In such a case, the consultation of a children ‘s gynecologist may be necessary.
A child gynecologist is a specialist who is engaged in the examination of the girl ‘s genitals, the detection of her congenital diseases and their observation, the treatment of acquired diseases of the sexual system. Children’s gynecologists are also often approached to obtain advice on the hygiene of children’s genitals, to monitor whether the girl’s body is developing normally, or whether there is a delay in maturation.

Which symptoms should lead you to sign your a child up for visiting gynecologist in Sumy?

Sometimes even a newborn girl may need a pediatric gynecologist if a pediatrician suspects a number of suspicious symptoms:

  • menstrual-like excretions;
  • swelling of mammary glands;
  • congenital splices of large or small sexual lips;
  • inflammation of a vulva.

In such cases, a child gynecologist will be needed. Sums can sign up privately for a specialist at Eledia Medical Center.

However, children ‘s gynecologist is treated not only with newborn girls, but also with older children, because gynaecological problems can be caught by surprise at any age. Once Mom has noticed some specific symptoms, you should see a doctor immediately.

Such symptoms include:

  • White genital excretions;
  • Early manifestation of puberty (rapid haircut, earlier beginning of menstruation);
  • Delayed puberty;
  • Complaints of pain at the bottom of the abdomen;
  • An increase in the abdomen, which may indicate the presence of cysts, tumors in the small pelvis;
  • Irregular menstruation, which not so long ago appeared;
  • Complaints of burning and itching in the genitals;
  • Inflammation of the external genital mucosa.

How do I prepare a girl for a child gynecologist?

Things are easier with young children. It is usual for them to be constantly with their mother, to visit doctors with her. But a girl who has been 11-12 years old is much more difficult to take to a gynecologist. There is a reluctance and reluctance to talk about their problems, which is natural. Mom should be regularly interested in the baby herself to explain to the doctor the problems with which they complained. It should also be explained that it is natural to tell the doctor about his problems. You can ‘t hesitate to have any symptoms or hide something.

Another important feature is the selection of a specialist. A good child gynecologist is also a great child psychologist.

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