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Pure skin is an ideal that all women aspire to. Acne, cuperosis, wrinkles – all of that bring psychological discomfort. In the complex treatment of some dermatological problem, the cosmetologist plays a crucial role, because his procedures allow to come to excellent results!

What does a cosmetologist do? What procedures does he do?

The cosmetologist provides care procedures for the client’s face and body. All manipulations are aimed at eliminating skin defects and giving it a well-maintained appearance. If you need a good cosmetologist in Sumy, sign up for the Eledia Clinic. Our specialist has all the necessary documents that confirm the level of education. You can be 100% sure that the services are provided to you by a professional, not by a wildleader.

It ‘s best to sign up for a cosmetologist ‘s consultation first. The specialist will assess your skin condition. Also, if you were sent by a dermatologist, you need to talk about the diseases you treated with medicines. After consultation, the cosmetologist will give you a detailed list of services that will be recommended to you personally in your situation.

Are cosmetologist services expensive in Sumy?

The Eledia Clinic has affordable prices for all cosmetic services. You have the opportunity to first consult with a specialist, voice your wishes and decide, together with a cosmetologist, what procedures you need at the initial stage. For example, you may think you need to clean your face, but it may actually be contraindicated to you. Our cosmetologist will assess the skin condition and give advice on care and upcoming procedures. Sign up for a consultation at Eledia and start your way to healthy and beautiful skin!

Service list
Facial cleaning (combined, ultrasonic);
Back cleaning;
Development of a skin type care program;
Face massage;
Hardware procedures.
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