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Nowadays ultrasound diagnostics is the best method of studying the internal organs of the human body. Since 1958 this method of diagnosis has become most common among other similar methods of detecting various diseases.

What is a ultrasound diagnostics?

Ultrasound diagnosis is a method of non-invasive (that one whichdoesn`thurt tissues) examination based on the reflection of ultrasound waves by tissues of organs. This reflection is converted and displayed. This procedure is painless and does not cause much discomfort to the patient, but also has a number of other advantages.

Advantages of ultrasonic diagnostics

Among the advantages of USD, the following positions are identified:

  • Quick and accessible to everyone to obtain information on the state of internal bodies and systems;
  • Possibility to analyze the state of sufficiently large number of organs;
  • The procedure can be carried out many times to obtain even more knowledge about the state of internal organs and tissues without fear of possible harm to human health;
  • This diagnostic method has no contraindications and is available for use from the first days of a child ‘s life;
  • At the stage of intrauterine development, it is possible to detect and control the course of fetal development pathologies with the help of USD;
  • Rate of results – the average waiting time for complete survey information is about half an hour.

What organs can be examined?

It has already been said that the category of organs studied is quite extensive.

You can enroll in:

  • Blood system organs (vessels and heart);
  • organsof a GIT;
  • Urogenital and isolation system organs;
  • Respiratory system`s organs;
  • Endocrine organs.
Service list
Diagnostic ultrasound in pregnancy
Kidney ultrasound
Ultrasound examination of ankle joint
USD of the eyeball
Heart ultrasound
Dopplerography of eye vessels
Dopplerography of head and neck vessels
Dopplerography of kidney vessels
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