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Ultrasound dopplerography of kidney vessels is an ultrasonic examination method that allows to assess the condition of kidney vessels, and therefore their condition in general.

USDG is prescribed by a nephrologist to a patient with the following symptoms:

  • pain in the lumbar, sensed as not muscular;
  • cardiovascular diseases, including hypertension;
  • late onset and severe course of toxicosis in pregnant women;
  • endocrine disorders (increased or reduced vasopressin production, etc.);
  • recent lumbar injury;

This examination is necessary if there are any chronic or acute diseases to control their course and development. Moreover, changes in the norm in urine tests, suspicion or confirmed tumor in the kidneys are also the reason for the UZDG of kidney vessels. This method of study is also applicable during the recovery period after kidney transplantation.

USDG of kidney vessels is an absolutely safe and painless procedure, which makes it possible to detect disorders of blood flow in kidneys, damaged vessels, presence of plaques, clots in them, etc.

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