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An allergy is one of the most unpleasant diseases that poisons not only baby’s life, but also of his parents’. A child allergist is a doctor who is engaged in identifying the causes of food intolerance and allergies of different genesis of children, as well as prescribes comprehensive treatment after careful diagnosis.

Which symptoms should make you contact a child allergologist with?

Usually, a pediatrician offers to sign up for a consultation with a child allergist. Up to a year, parents must go to the pediatrician for a monthly examination of their babies. And if the person skilled in the art notices the symptoms of atopic dermatitis, concludes on the food intolerance of the mixture, notices the acute reaction to the first base, then it is necessary to take a child allergist.

If you need a children’s allergist, “Eledia” will come to help! No matter what age your baby is, you will be able to register with a specialist without direction when the first anxiety symptoms are displayed:

  • red spots on the skin, peeling;
  • itch;
  • spills on the face and body;
  • dry cough, which has regular manifestation;
  • redness of eyes, itching, tear;
  • suffocation attacks;
  • complaints about perching in the throat.

What diagnostic methods is offered by a children’s allergologist?

Unfortunately, without diagnostic methods, the specialist will not be able to determine the causes of allergy.

Quite often the allergist appoints:

  • to make allergy analysis;
  • conduct a food intolerance test;
  • pass blood tests;
  • make ultrasound of abdominal organs, etc.

Sometimes the help of related specialists may be necessary: gastroenterologist, dermatologist, immunologist.

Child health is the key to the health of the whole family! After all, when a child is ill, the psychological state of parents is very depressed. Every anxiety symptom can be a manifestation of a serious illness. Don’t delay your visit to the child allergologist! Sign up for a consultation at Eledia Medical Center to understand the causes of childhood allergies, and get rid of them forever!

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