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Laboratory studies are a necessary element of complex diagnosis of the body. The tests help the doctor to determine the cause of ill-health of the patient, to choose the most appropriate method of treatment, to take a set of further measures.

A number of studies of different profiles can be done at the Eledia Clinic:

  • hormonal;
  • immunological;
  • cytologic;
  • biochemical;

Thanks to the fact that the medical center operates its own clinical and diagnostic laboratory, clients have the opportunity to get the results of tests quickly enough! Therefore, if you need to pass tests in Sumy and get the result on the same day – you are always glad to welcome “Eledia.”

“Eledia: quick and accurate results, friendly staff, affordable prices for tests in Sumy

The accuracy of the analyses depends directly on the professionalism of the laboratory technicians and the equipment of the diagnostic laboratory. In our medical center you are guaranteed to get accurate indicators of each analysis. This allows doctors to quickly make a decision on further treatment, correctly prescribe medicines, offer various preventive measures.

Friendly staff will be able to find an approach to your child, which is important. And clearly coordinated work of the clinic will not make you wait long for your turn under the cabinet!

Another advantage is price. Tests in Sumy can be performed in many laboratories, but not every institution can offer you quick results and affordable prices!

The diagnosis in “Eledia” is:

  • high level of information and analytical support;
  • experience and professionalism of medical personnel;
  • effective instrumental and laboratory research;
  • wide range of analyses;
  • only reliable results.

Trust your health professionals, and get effective ways to solve many problems!

Service list
Helicobacter pylory (serum)
Lipidic profile
Hepatic profile
Kidney profile
Electrolytes and minerals
Glikirovanny hemoglobin
Iodic test
Sex hormones
Hormones of a thyroid gland
Studies for atypical cells (cytology)
Test for blood type resus
Researches on microflora
Pathogenic microflora studies
Researches on a chlamydia
Female microflora (microscopy)
Men's microflora (microscopy)
Prostate secret microscopy
Research on demodex
Urogenital range
Urogenital spectrum of prostate juice
Blood test for glucose
Blood test for glucose (serum)
Blood test for glucose with load
Clinical blood test
Protrombinovy index (PTI)
Clinical analysis of urine
Urine test (daily protein loss)
Urine analysis for glucose
Urine test for uric acid
Urine analysis by Nechipoenko
Clinical analysis of urine
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