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Ultrasound examination of ankle joint is an informative and accessible method of diagnostics of various injuries and pathologies of this joint. You can have the best ankle ultrasound in the clinic “Eledia” in Sumy.

Indications and contraindications for ankle USD

Most often, this type of study is prescribed to patients in such situations:

  • injury to the ankle joint, tendons, ligaments, muscles;
  • in the history of the patient there is any autoimmune disease;
  • presence of an osteochondropathy;
  • ankle pain, swelling, difficult movement;
  • the patient is overweight;
  • presence of acute or chronic joint inflammation.

Ankle ultrasound is also given to newborns who are considered to be at risk of any pathologies in the development of the musculoskeletal system.

As for contraindications to the conduct of ankle ultrasound – they are negligible, and the most common of them is open trauma (with damage to soft tissues and skin) of the ankle.

Where to make an ankle ultrasound in Sumy?

Since USD is a fairly common, accessible and informative method, it can be made in almost any clinic. However, in “Eledia” there is the most qualified staff and the latest equipment. This will help to take maximum information from the ankle ultrasound.

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