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USD is an important manipulation that makes it much easier to observe the course of pregnancy and fetal development. During pregnancy, it is mandatory to undergo USD at the following times:

  • Up to week 11-14;
  • 20-24 weeks;
  • 32-34 weeks.

On a term of 11-14 weeks, the USD is held for the first time and this is done to:

  • Determine the presence of the embryo in the womb as such, as well as its location;
  • Exclude extramural pregnancy;
  • Count the number of embryos;
  • Determine the absence of malformations and eliminate Down syndrome;

During the period of 20-24 weeks the USD helps to exclude the presence of various pathologies of development of the child, to determine his sex and rate of development. Mainly at this stage of fetal development, special attention is paid to monitoring the blood system. As for the mother, at this time the doctor estimates the condition of the cervical, the number of peripheric waters, etc.

The third scheduled USD allows your doctor to assess the foetus, the presence or absence of umbilical cord wrap, to exclude late defects of development and blood supply of baby and umbilical cord vessels.

It should be noted that USD is an absolutely safe procedure that is unable to harm the child, but will allow to obtain full information about his development, as well as to exclude or confirm the presence of any pathologies.

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