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Kidney ultrasound is an absolutely painless and safe procedure that helps to assess kidney condition with ultrasound.

When should I have kidney USD done?

This type of examination is prescribed by the doctor nephrologist if the patient has the following symptoms:

  • painful sensations in the lumbar part;
  • urine has acquired an uncharacteristic color;
  • swelling is observed during the day without obvious reasons;
  • earlier inflammatory processes and kidney stones as well as STIs were noted;
  • there are suspicions of neoplasms in the kidneys;
  • there are injuries or defects of kidney development;
  • urine tests have deviations from the norm;
  • increase of body temperature;
  • presence of flakes, clots, pus, blood sprouts in urine;
  • thirst, dry mouth;
  • increased blood pressure, which cannot be stopped with the drugs intended for this purpose.

Which diseases can be diagnosed with kidney ultrasound?

Diseases that will help detect kidney ultrasound include:

  • pyelonephritis – inflammation of renal lochs;
  • cysts and kidney tumors;
  • inflammation of the tissues and body of the kidney – nephritis;
  • presence of stone, sand and salts in the kidney body;
  • appearance of disorders in kidney vessels.
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